记忆中的快乐 英文什么说 骗字换什么偏旁,组什么词? what do yu think you 如何让男生对英语感兴趣 第六题,help!help! You've been busy,haven't you?A,I was busy last week B ,Yes,I've been working hard on my paper C ,I will get busy with my English studies D,I'd like to get busy like our teachers. 为什么有骗这个词呢? ( C )——What do you think of your English teache( C )——What do you think of your English teacher?——I think he is ______,because he always makes the students _____.A.interested;laughB.interesting;laughingC.interesting;laughD.i To climb the mountain often is helpful for you=It is Money is not everything,Truth is the daughter wow,you have been so busy each student r some money for the poor What do you think of your English lesson? This is they first visited to the Great Wall.中,visited后为什么加to For English Major Students!(help!help!)What kind of jobs do you think need English Major Students?(请帮帮忙,发表一下你的意见,实践调查需要:请多多发言,我需要你们的宝贵意见哦!如果可以的话,在提供些宝 i've been so busy that i haven't really heard songs other then the singles We'll have a f______ show to donate money for the poor (1)"Do you watch TV every night?"he asked Lucy.(改为间接引语)He asked Lucy ___ ___ ___ ___ every night.(2)-Will you ask your brother gor help?-No,I___ do it by myself.A.may B.need C.can D.won't Trust you,trust me,you can make it.这句英语中的"trust you"是要用"you"还是"your",为什么呢?呵呵,可是分只能给一个人,要给谁也真伤脑筋! Your computer is the same () her是with还是as --what can i do for you?---i'd like ___to drinkA.some iced teas B.some lemonadesC.orange juice D.some oranges The students decided to raise money for the poor children.改为一般疑问句,不添加任何词汇 Lucy asked me what to do next in the following week 怎么改直接引语,为什么这么改 英语翻译 The students often help_____.The students often help_____.A.one the other B.each the other C.one another D.two another 但我不知道为什么, 沈阳铁西兴工街英语家教 把下列句子合并为一句.1.Where does the woman work Could you tell me "Do you watch TV every night?"he asked Lucy.间接引语 have a great time 中文意思 英语In my opinion that students help each other with their lessonsIn my opinion ,that students help each other with their lessons_______ not only to their teachers but also to themselves.a.are helpful b.helps c.is a help d.is help为什么 沈阳英语家教吴军的《英语高分密码》什么时间上市? My mother often goes to the cinema with me.(同义句转换)My mother often ____ ____ ____ with me. he isn't careful enough to do his homework .改为同义句 he is _____to_____his homework Lily is the same age as Lucy.改为同义句.Lucy is ___ ___ ___ Lucy. 是There is a lot information还是There is lot of information 定语后置与宾语前置有什么区别 what is mr wang going?what is mr wang going ___A.todo B.do C.doing 迎春花 春天来了,迎春花开了.远远望去,金黄色的小花们组成了一条美丽的“星河”,一阵微风吹过来,它就 Lily is the same age as Lucy.(改为同义句)Lily's age is the ( ) ( ) ( ) It was some time _____ we realized the truth.A.when B.until C.since D.before选什么?原因是什么? 定语后置 宾语前置 的区别 Mr.wang is from Nanjng同义句转换 推荐几首经典英文歌.像she这样的曲风 lucy is the same age as you are利用the same +名称 as+某人,造句,请问一下怎么造句 耳刀旁+少 下面是个马 倒品字布局 念什么 Mozart ____ in 1791 when he was only 35.A.dead B.was die C.died 3.---girl she is!A what bright a B how a bright C what bright So cheap, what kind of man was he 这句话应该如何翻译.为什么是这样的结构.请认真回答. 一个耳字旁,一个骋的右半边怎么读 推荐几首像The king is dead but the queen is alive这样有爆发力的英文歌、一定要精选的我不喜欢林肯公园 ,西城男孩,后街男孩的风格.别给我发来一大串歌名、要精选的,有爆发力的、震撼的! 英语感叹句中的疑问: _________ girl she is! A. What bright a B. How a bright C. How bright aD. What bright 选项应该都不对吧,正确说法应该是What a bright girl she is! so I am What kind of man is Shylock in the Merchant of Venice? You’ve made as many mistakes as I have.你犯的错误和我犯的一样多.这个as什么词怎么接句子 为什么用这个as什么词性 连词么 后面怎么还接句子了 为什么前面用完成时 请问宾补和后置定语什么有区别? Thr great musician Mozart showed his s_____ of music when he was a child速求! 感叹句 How bright a girl she is!请问这句话对吗? so 60 Hospital doctors don`t go out very often as their work ____all their time.A.takes away B.takes in C.takes over D.takes up 很烦人的一个问题,关于as...as...的用法:例句You’ve made as many mistakes as I have例句中是as...as中间接名词复数,用as+many/much+名词+as,我的问题是,如果有形容词修饰这个名词呢,那么这个形容词应该 "what would you like to choose"Beckham asked me改为间接引语 求Pink的新曲 The king is dead but the queen is alive 歌词~ ( )girl shi is!A.What bright a B.How a bright C.How bright a D.What bright选哪一个?要写出原因,但不要那种一大堆文字的,要简简单单的原因或过程. Trustme,you can make it you can make it! 是什么啊? 如何区分宾补和定语 we'll give some new books ________to the poor students in our school what do you think of our volleyball court?的中文意思 u can make it!和u can do it!的区别.rt can you make it now? i could look after_____when i was six 1.herself 2.myself 3.yourself 4.himself where is the school which is the way to school can you tell me how ican get to school 哪里用the,为什么 The poor students can have these books without any money.同义句It_______ _______foe the poor students to have these books.(改成这种句式) 第2题 (2.0) 分 Not until Mr.Smith came to China() what kind of a country 外教来了,问有价值的英语问题(六年级) ①宾语补足语随什么人称而变?例如:I often hear her sing in the room.里面的sing随I 的人称变化还是随her的人称变化?②Do you know the girl talking to our English A:talks B.C.to talk D talked 答案是选B,为什么?③是 would,with,to,you,to,go,the,like,me,cinema,(连词成句) what is you name?同义句替换是什么知道的请回答! We often ____(help)Granny Li ____(do)the housework.用动词的正确时态完成句子 外教来校该问什么问题?加拿大的外教 I could look after ______ when I was six he could write when he was only three He_______ __________ __________write when he was onlly threehe could write when he was only threeHe_______ __________ __________write when he was onlly three 轻信骗子的话,结果上当受骗 翻译成英文 Does he often tell the children funny stories about football a:yes he does b:Never c:No,he has only sad stories.d:No,he dosen't want to talk about the things in the past 谁能帮我写两段话!what is china in your heart?what does it mean to you 我的意思是··用这个主题写两段话啊··不是翻译·· 后置定语和宾补It is the cake burning.这里的burning为什么是后置定语而不是宾语补足语呢?如何判断这两者呢? Mr Smith is not in at the moment 怎么改成同义句 英语翻译:我们不能上那个骗子的当 Li Hong often --- (carry) water for Granny Wang. is your lifestyle the same as ours or different 17.I was satisfied with her explanation,_______?A.so my classmates were B.so were my classmates C.so my classmates did D.so did my classmates He started to learn English when he was three(改为同一句)He______ ______ English ______ ______ ______ ______three 汶川地震失踪人数怎样计算出来啊怎样知道失踪呢?基数从哪儿来呢?流动人口呢? trust me you can make it的意思这个. Is your lifestyle the same as your sister ? 怎么修改? 在英语中如何区分多后置定语的动词不定式与做宾补的动词不定式 It took me only three weeks away from home when I started to feel homesick花费了三周 离开家 就在这时 我想家了 但我觉得 我翻译的很奇怪 那是怎么翻译的? What do you think?什么意思 超急 Do it you can make it 要准确意思!不是问句,是肯定句! help!就一题